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Motorcycle Turntable Display

Motorcycle Turntable Display came about in 2003 while searching for a turntable to display my own motorcycle. There were very few choices at that time for a display turntable. After extensive searching, I found that everything was very expensive and/or had long wait/build times.  Additionally, all of the turntable products I found were extremely high off the ground with no way for one person setup.  Some of the units being offered had direct drive with no safety relief, where the motorcycle could be knocked over, or cause motor failure in the unit. After realizing the need for these turntables, I teamed up with a manufacturer to modify an existing product into a motorcycle friendly, easy to use turntable display unit - at an affordable price and quick turnaround time. 13 years later the original design has proven the test of time with its durability and ease of use. Advantage Cycle PA is now carrying a second Motorcycle Turntable Display. The new unit carries over many of the characteristics of the original Motorcycle Turntable Display while increasing the weight capacity without increasing the final cost.

Since the start of Advantage Cycle PA/Motorcycle Turntable Display, Advantage Cycle PA has expanded with in house motorcycle fabrication work and online sales. Advantage Cycle PA continues to meet the high expectations of our customers by limiting the type and amount of work we do. All in house work is currently by appointment only.

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