Frequently Asked Questions

What are the wires hanging out of the top?
The wires are for an optional collector ring (not included) which puts 115V power to the top.

What is the weight capacity?
Weight capacity will vary depending on the size of the top and how the weight is distributed. 
With our optional 14"x16"x1/4" top plate, our turntables are supporting 800lbs.

How do I get my bike up on the table?
Bring along three really strong friends!  Our turntables are designed with a low height to minimize the amount of manual lifting needed.  With our Full Length Top one person loading is possible.

How stable is the turntable?
Because of the low height of the table, it is extremely stable.  With one of our optional tops, the bike sits on plastic frame protectors with a 5/8" groove. This would mean you would have to lift the bike up at least 5/8" to get it to tip over.

Do I really need to buy the optional turntable top?
The short answer to this question is No.  Our turntables can be used without a top where the motorcycle will be sitting directly on the turntable.  This method offers no stability for the motorcycle and no protection for the painted frame.  Our optional oversized top plate and frame protectors offer greater stability while protecting the painted frame.

How long will it take to build my motorcycle turntable display?
Turntables are generally ready to ship within one business day.  Optional tops may require 3-5 days from order date. 

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